Traveller's Diary : Sharing! What we did and what have found

Underground Airport is now in Tokyo. We deeply thank NTW for giving such a wonderful opportunity of Waleslab.

Today, I would like to share what we did and what we have found during our 2 week experience in Wales.

On 27th Aug, we did the sharing of our Waleslab project "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller: Traveller's Diary" at the Chapter art centre. We were so surprised and glad that we could do our sharing twice because of many audience!!

Thank all of you for coming and supporting us!!

First, I will write about what we did in our sharing. Photos are from rehearsals.

In the room,we put chairs by the wall and on a diagonal line.Because we this time, we found that the key point is "division between people". So,chairs make the division and difference of audience's view. 

On the desk, we put three geiger counter which are used during our trip. It was very hard to say exact science fact of radioactive, but it helps us to know and feel the radioactive in our life. 

At the centre of the room, we put two soils. One came from the field which is very near from Wylfa nuclear power station. Another one came from the shore of Trawsfynydd lake. By the lake, there was an another nuclear power station which is now under the decommissioning process. 

Also, we put many printed dragons under chairs, behind the curtain, and etc. During our sharing, we asked audience to write "What the Red Dragon say to you now". And the answers are very interesting. I pick some of those answers below. 

"Welcome home. I will breath fire into your hearth warm your soul.Have courage."

"I do not want Wales to be independent like Scotland (some of them) are hoping to do."

"I am Wales. I am fire. I live free. I am wild."

"GAAAAAA I want to eat everything,bad things. war, earthquake, disaster, crime and so on for the human being. But respect me!!! " (with the picture of Red Dragon and White Dragon biting each other)"

I'm not sure what we're fighting about... Shall we stop biting each other now?

The Red Dragon tried to speak to me, but he's breath was fire. So my head burnded off.

"Where do I came from? I don't even know!"

Dragon wants Freedom and in waiting beneath the street of Cardiff to be set free!

"Let me sleep, let me have some peace - away from symbols."

We also showed videos in our sharing.

Image video of "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller"  we made in Tokyo

Improvisational play of "Branwen" with Rhisiart and Dave in Art & Craft Centre in Caerleon Newport.  

Beautiful sights of Holy head!!

Asking about Red Dragon at the Oriel Ynys Mon Anglesey Heritage Gallery

Visiting Wylfa information center

Digging soil near the Wylfa nuclear power station

Before sharing, we discussed and thought what is the best way to tell how we felt during our travel, how we can share our feelings, how we are influenced by this experience. We chose to write a song.

 A Song for Dragon  (written and composed by Yasuro Ito)

High up over that hill, meet together again we shall 

High up over that mountain, return home again we yearn

How it reminds the faraway seas, the deepest cliffs

And the little floweret, blooming besides the faltering steps

O, the motherly island, the glorious dragon

Will you wipe of the tears off my cheek

To sooth the never ending gloom

O, the motherly land, the mighty dragon 

Will you hold my body tight

Then, forever, nothing shall tore our hearts apart

(Translated by Kyoko Iwaki)

During our travel, we could feel a breath of Red Dragon through the layered history of Wales. We found that the identity of Wales has various aspects such as language, history, politics. And also, we could meet very open and kind people living in this country. 

And also, we saw the situation of nuclear power issue in Wales. The beautiful sights of Holyhead remind us of the time before Fukushima nuclear disaster happened. We could live without the fear of radioactive at that time because we ignored the future risk.

We attended the open surgery of Horizon nuclear company, and also talked with Carl, Dylan and Cian of People Against Wylfa B(PAWB). People are divided by this issue. When we look at both profit and risk of nuclear power, we have to figure out the alternative way to go beyond the division between people. 

We also found that the theatre is one of the best way to share the feelings. And we have feelings which we want to share with Walsh people as Japanese artists. This time we could research and develop our new story "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller". So, we strongly hope to create this story as a theatre piece in Wales!!!

Again, thank Simon, Catherine, Michelle, John, NTW and all who kindly supported us. Thank also Rhisiart, Dave, Siwan, Amanda, Kadwin, Carl, Dylan and Cian for meeting us. And thank Japan Foundation and Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for giving three of us an opportunity to join such a wonderful project.

We are sure that we grow this art work "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller" as a linking bridge between Japan and Wales!

We miss Wales already! See you again in Wales!!

Underground Airport

Yasuro Ito

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