Update from A Kind of Alaska ....weekending 19 feb

Another week...refreshingly chaotic and rewarding...The week has culminated in the publicity and marketing coming together and new photos of the process being published, with more to come and press releases going out. We have all now seen a model of the set and it has inspired us all. Its just what we discussed and hoped for and Steve, our overworked and underpaid designer, is now creating an e..video.(.if thats what you call it..forgive my lack of techno jargon) to attach to publicity and various websites such as facebook and of course NTW.

Today Friday 19th, we started to work on the text, no impro and no exploratory play, just the text in all its finely honed beauty and i had my note book in hand expecting as a director would to write notes..and give the actors some feedback..i did that ..but i was surprised at how little i needed to say....the weeks of preparation seem to have put the actors into a place where they were longing to get back to the text and just run with it..and the result was informed and intelligent performances...pauses filled with unspoken anticipation or a memory or a miriad of different reasons and the result was rich and indepth. will write more soon....my son needs to go to bed! J X

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Comment by Claire Cage on February 24, 2010 at 14:26

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