I wish I could bottle this feeling. I wish that I could articulate the fragility of this moment. Spending time with you is exhausting, baffling, frustrating. But so, so exhilarating. I see the world through your eyes and drop my inhibitions - become a seahorse, a kite, a jellyfish. You have a freedom that I lost long ago. I wish that I could protect that freedom for you, so that you are always in awe, as you were today.

When we are here I see you as you were when you were a tiny baby: soft; wriggly; always hungry. I see you as you are now: truculent; fierce; powerful. I see you as you will be in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years.

You are the passage of time, right next to me. And yet you somehow exist outside time - for you each memory is new, each sensation felt for the first time. We come here and each time this place imprints itself on you a little bit more. By increments you become tied to it and build your own narrative within it.

What do you see? Do you see how tired this place is? Is the wind cruel to you, as it is to me? To the seagull's sing to you, or scream?

I hope that the vitality you carry stays here in some way - that it sinks into the sand and seeps into the water system, replenishing the souls living in this place.

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