WalesLab - Louder Is Not Always Clearer.

WalesLab - Louder Is Not Always Clearer from Jonny Cotsen on Vimeo.

Just reflecting on what had been a brilliant week with WalesLab and just had an email from OnPar productions who have just finalised my WalesLab 'Louder is Not Always Clearer' showreel. Feel free to watch if you have 3 minutes to spare. Any feedback / comments are welcome. Below is a short synopsis of what my project.

Louder Is Not Always Clearer.

Have you ever wondered what it is like for a deaf person trapped in a hearing world? Imagine you are walking through a  park, you are looking at a baby in a pushchair crying, an elderly couple talking on a bench, the wind blowing the leaves in the trees, a dog barking, a group of teenagers playing football, a couple having a tearful argument, a person on a bike, another on the phone...then imagine all those unique individual sounds as a single hum. This is my world as a deaf person. I like to describe the noise as being in a small room with a hundred people talking all at once. You can’t make sense of it. You can’t hear one person over another. It all sounds like one distorted track, with no words. Imagine you are now past the park and living every single moment of your life with that sound, like you are trapped in that small room of noise. You are on a date, you are driving a car, you are in a restaurant, you are having a drink at the pub with some friends, you are at a gig, you are in the supermarket. This is what is has been like for me all my life...trapped.

My current work, as a facilitator and teacher, supports and enables deaf and disabled people to access the Arts through education and engagement. This project will turn that on its head. It will explore and examine how people can access the world through a deaf person’s eyes and ears.

Louder Is Not Always Clearer will be an interactive performance that will draw the audience into a deaf person’s world. As mentioned previously, it will offer people the experience of living in a deaf world. I want the audience to leave the performance with an a sense of what it is like to be a deaf person. The performance will be set in a small space where the audience will walk around freely. I am deaf and have been deaf since birth. I am tired. It is a struggle everyday to live in a hearing world. The project will enable me to develop people’s understanding of this struggle.

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