WalesLab R&D 3: I was not always bald

So we said we'd blog everyday, and that hasn't happened.

But we've been busy.

Currently three days into a residency at Barnabas Arts House we've been meeting with people, having conversations, asking questions and doing a far amount of paper/internet research and physical exploration into the piece (working title: 'The Old Man') and thus far it's been an awesome experience.

A lot of things have cropped up, as they have been doing for many months now, but more so than ever are we realising the vastness of this topic.

Yesterday I "interviewed" my Gran, this consisted of me visiting her with a list of prepared questions, purely to get the conversation angled towards our topic, and because even though I knew a lovely chat with my Gran would harbour a loads of experiential, historical and contextual details I also wanted to a reason for being there.

Here is a snippet of our conversation. It's one of the many poems my Gran (Hazel) has memorised. It's one of my favourites and I hope you enjoy it too.

It's called "The Man With The Single Hair"

Yesterday we all met and talked to older people and in feeding those experiences back to one another today helped push us towards something performative.

The main strand of our idea now seems to be rooted about misconception and the idea that "Old People" are cardigan wearing, white haired, tiny sweethearts. To often does it feel like we forget or ignore the fact that person has lived a whole life steeped in relevance and full of story… So we've begun to explore the dichotomy between the older self and the younger self; how those things feel separate but are in no way.

Here's some of what we did and found.

A photograph of photographs young and old, Georgina took this when visiting people.
Graffiti 1
Graffiti 2

We're visiting a care home tomorrow, working with some students from UWN again and we're showing back our work in progress on Friday night.

If you'd like to get involved or ask more questions please do:


For now,



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