All our ideas on little notes. Too much, much too, too much.

We knew it, really. But wanted to try. Put it into a structure.

It’s R&D after all (hold that thought)

Typed it up.

Did stagger through. We gave it a good shot, some flowed, some was beautiful, we missed the guests, we giggled and relaxed, held it together, crossed boundaries. Reeled at the result.

Had supper (thanks Jony!). Failed to light a fire. Felt a bit lost. Saved by feedback from Louise. Dramaturgy in full flow. The participant's view.

Bring in our strengths to recover. The facilitator - use appreciative inquiry. A way to build on what works. There was lots, after all. Don’t get lost. The way we work together as a 3. Sam’s set pieces, the accidents, spontaneity, Chris.’s voice and observation, Lindsey’s talking of the project, of this place, words from the past and things that appear and disappear, voices from the walls, the mountain and river and outside, the freedom to play, with fragments, arranging and re-arranging, the toast. Whispers.

We remembered our ‘roles’, what we bring. What we want to achieve.

Reworked, back on the bed together, the 3. The triangle. Til 2.

Still too much?... 

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Comment by Heloise Godfrey-Talbot on April 24, 2015 at 12:19

Looks wonderful - wish I could have been there! I'd love top hear more about it!

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