WalesLab sharing of "Cymru and I" in the middle of my trip

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to talk about the sharing of "Cymru and I".

This summer, I went to a small town in Wales. The town is Aberystwyth.

I met 9 people by chance in the town. They told me about memories in Aberystwyth and precious memories of their life.

Video artist: Jorge Lizalde

Interpreter: Kyoko Iwaki

The memories have something in common by chance. "family" "love" and "dance".

It may be a characteristic of this town or what I expected unconsciously.

In the sharing, after watching the film, I got the advice for these questions from audience.

《Three questions》

1. What do you think about interviewing people through a character that I act in the video? Does it have a positive or a negative effect?

2. After seeing the video, which part of the artwork intrigued you the most?  Was it someone’s memory? Was it the connection between the memories? Or, was it my dance?

3. In the future, I want to make the performance inspired by memories. What kind of performance do you expect to develop from here? A faithful reenacting of the memories? A story like a fiction? Or, more of an abstract expression?

And I could get many advice.


1:・It seems like the character is joking around and not serious at first view, but he interviewed person seems to be  affected by the character, so the interview become not only funny but also nostalgic.

 ・The setting of the character's profile is interesting. What would happen if you acted the roll of the character completely?

2:・It is interesting that you found the common point "dance" by chance.

 ・The character's Japanese-style gesture is interesting.

 ・The relations of you and the town are more interesting than the memories of the people.

 ・It is enjoyable the relation between the interview and the little dance answer to the memory.

 ・The film's camera angle is similar to the angle position of Japanese directer, Yasujiro Ozu. It is beautiful.

3:・Without being afraid that your creation become rude and anarchy, please try to make your story inspired by memories boldly.

 ・You should add the stimulation like the spy in your dance work. For example, one of the interviewed person comes on stage!

and so on...

I'm very glad that I could get so much advice.I was able to know the interesting points of "Cymru and I" that I didn't notice. I got courage to continue my project.

After the exchanges of opinions, I show the short piece of dance inspired by interviews in Aberystwyth.

Usually, when I dance on the stage, I hope that the audience remember the important moment of their life through my dance.

"Cymru and I" is direct approach to people.

It was too innocent and sometimes It might hurt the heart of the person.

But the facial expression when people remembered their memories was very beautiful.

Now I try to make the dance inspired by old woman"Paddy"'s interview. It is not so easy!

In future, I visit the town and I want to make small happening in daily life.

I appreciate all member of National Theatre Wales that they gave me this deeply precious experience.

And thank you very much Jorge, Kyoko and everyone who was involved on "Cymru and I"

Thank you to all who was interested on "Cymru and I"!!


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