WE.ARE.BACK. by Katie Iles & Naomi Hyatt Golding #NYTW #deadborngrow

Hey Hey Heyyyy.!!           
Katie and Naomi here!!
National Youth Theatre Wales Wooooop! And a a little bit of Ouch…. AKA today the bodies are a little bit achy.
So guys we did our first proper run through yesterday, exciting times! We got used to our foot patterns, Trolleys, Props and then added more to our dance sequences. We are just about to go into the theatre to tech the show after only two days! It has been tough but also amazing to be back into this madness.
The set is up, the trolleys are in place and in a few minutes we will be back stage getting ready for the technicians to add a little bit of light and sound and a cheeky bit of video magic.
We still can’t believe that we’re all back and that in just one day we are starting the performance journey of “dead born grow” (First with the festival and then in Cardiff)
But seriously people COME AND GET YOUR TICKETS!!. This show will make you question, think and really shock… (Hopefully)
WE. ARE . BACK! Yeaaa baby!
Love you all … NYTW Frantic Assembly – Lets Go! DEAD BORN GROWWWWWW!

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