We're forming a new government - paid collaborative project led by Selina Thompson

Imagine: The government has been dissolved. 12 people will be chosen at random and invited to run the country. If you're selected - what will you do? 

Aged 18-30? Lots of opinions but don't always get heard? Free to take part in a creative workshop, July 23rd-27th? If so then please sign up at http://www.sortitionproject.com 



Hi! My name’s Selina,

Imagine if we scrapped elections tomorrow and instead selected politicians at random, a bit like jury service. What would you do if your name was drawn out and you suddenly found yourself in charge?

I want to find out. At the end of June we will pull out the names of 12 people who have signed up here and invite them to form a new government. This will involve spending a week in Bristol (July 23rd to 27th), arguing, writing and day dreaming an alternative government into existence.

During this time we’ll look after you – pay you, put you up and feed you. We’ll spend some time getting a crash course in as many weird and wonderful ideas about how to run a country as possible, before putting these ideas into practice.

After we’ve spent that week together, I will work with my team to take your ideas and transform them into an immersive art installation.

So please apply, I especially want to hear from you if you feel your voice isn’t normally heard. It doesn’t matter if you’re loud or quiet and you don’t need to be a political expert, we’re not experts either! All I ask is that you come willing to be open, and willing to be brave. We’ll take care of the rest.


What's the process?

- Sign up online at http://www.sortitionproject.com/ and you will be entered into the draw - Deadline = Monday 2nd July @ 12pm 
- After applications have closed 12 people will be selected at random from everyone who applies.
- The 12 will then be brought to Bristol July 23rd-27th to take part in a workshop with Selina and her creative Team. If selected you will be paid for your time, we'll also cover your transport, put you up and feed you. 
- After the workshop Selina will work with her team to transform your ideas into a new artwork, to be presented at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, September 2018.

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Comment by alun howell on June 25, 2018 at 19:52

18-30? Ageist.

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