Hello! I’m Yasmin, an Actor from Port Talbot, and I am so, so happy to have just joined the team at NTW for their new project! I’ve only just started up as the Local Promoter for “We’re Still Here”, a NTW & Common Wealth collaboration!

The play is set and staged in Port Talbot and focuses on the Save Our Steel (S.O.S) campaign which came about in response to the threat of the closure of the Works – it was written by Rachel Trezise and based on interviews with Steelworkers/Union members/Local people. To me, it feels necessary that work is created about our Steelworks. It is the heart of Port Talbot. With the collaboration of Steelworkers, locals and non-local creatives, the perspective of the play will inherently be all-encompassing.

Needless to say, I am very excited to be promoting the project – and about the play itself, and it’s potential to engage us, as locals, with theatre; as NTW did 6 years ago with The Passion. I can’t wait to observe rehearsals, get the word out there about the play (what a great excuse to chat to as many people as I can about theatre!), and to see the final product itself!

I’m hoping to post a little update during the project, or if I just get swept away in the midst of the excitement, I shall speak to you again at the end of my job (…the thought of which is making me a little sad, already.)

Thanks for reading!
Yasmin x

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