On Friday 31st August myself and Kyle Legall were involved in an NTW Assembly inspired event devised, written, performed and hosted by a group of young people from the Butetown, Grangetown and Riverside areas of Cardiff. The event happened at the Old NatWest Bank in Bute Street and explored the idea of Home and what it takes to make a home. WelcomHome was part of the Butetown Youth Pavilion engagement program sponsored by Cardiff County Council and Vinci Construction

The work started a few months back when we first meet, 9 boys and one girl with no real theatrical experience were ask to be part of a performance/debate event and I must say that this group succeeded in all areas.

We started by creating a Tumblr blog www.WelcomHome.Tumblr.com where we posted different ideas of what home could be. We used this as a way developing ideas for our final event.

Mathlide Lopez was brought in to work as director and under the usual financial and time constraints she did an amazing job.

The event was well attended by both young and old and through task such as creating a family crest and writing a bedtime story.

For me the real success of this project is that every one of the performers really enjoyed the experience and are keen to get involved in more projects with a theatrical twist. Hopefully, the next step is to help the young people create a semi-formal organisation who will be able to identify funding and organise their ownarts provisions in the new Youth Pavilion. 

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