It was 1994, and I left my academic studies just before the last year of my High School was about to start. I left to enter into the theatre, and although I never became the actor I thought I would, 25 yrs later, it still resounds in everything I do. And so begins the next stage ... The Glynhir Players 2017 season. Am I mad? With a Winter show planned for March and just a month and a half of rehearsals to start the season, I must be at least leaning on a slightly wrong angle to the Universe. However, it can be done. I have chosen two out of the four season plays ... that will work.

It will still be Winter, should I have chosen something tropical to warm the audience up? Or something topical to warn them off? Neither, I've decided on something funny, short, classic 1960's absurdism, so they don't have to sit in their chairs for too long, and hopefully the laughter will mist up the barn with warmth for the duration of the play. 

Yet, seriously. The big effort is getting the lovely 18th century Giant Hay Barn ready for that audience. I've done this kind of thing before, I should have some degree of stride, yet I'm a bit rusty, but it's all coming together in my head at least. So, if you are planning on turning up to the open call I've just posted to 'events', be prepared to be involved as part of a team, a troupe, a community of theatre buffs, or buffoons (depending on how it all pans out) from the ground up.

Don't worry if you have no experience, no one does the first time they do something, that's why after the first time of doing something you can feel you therefore now have experience. You've got to start or end somewhere (depending on how you rate that experience), so I'd like people to book in even if they have never even read a play before, but would like to. 

Where are the Glynhir Players to be performing exactly, apart from in a Giant Hay Barn, which I continuously capitalise because we call it that. I could abbreviate it to GHB but that sounds like a house suited for a BFG. Glynhir Players, called so, because, located on the Glynhir Estate, 220 acres that is spliced with a wondrous natural gorge where the river Loughor runs through from an underground lake upon the Black Mountain all the way to the Gower Peninsula. So it is rural here but only a mile up the road from the rather large village of Llandybie which has over 10, 000 inhabitants ... or should that be 10, 000 potential theatre goers ... one lives on hope and positive reinforcement. 

So, that's about all from me on this post. I will try and remember to keep updating as we go along. Please get in touch if you are interested in being a part of this group. No help is too small. 

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