I am relativley new to this site and was hoping to use it to aid my search for work, can anyone help me in where the best place to look is? is there a section where jobs are listed or a certain group which i should be a member of? Im not doing very well!

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Comment by National Theatre Wales on January 6, 2011 at 19:22
Hi Katy, welcome to the NTW online community.  There a few groups that you can join, according to your interests, the groups Actors, Writers, Creatives and Technical are all places where both National Theatre Wales and other groups post news about jobs and other opportunities.  Often people also place blogs on the site with news about opportunities (for example there is one up today about NTW looking for board members).  The best thing to do is to visit the site regularly to see what is new and to respond quickly to anything that interests you.  Good luck and all the best, John

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