So here we are in west Wales and occasionally there is the strange sound of a lawn mower above your head. What? !    Who’s trimming the clouds today? Ahh it’s another DRONE test. A few months ago one fell out of the sky and landed in a field  “NOT IN MY BACK YARD” But of course this is not just a N I M B Y subject, drones could get everywhere. We need the space for our community to creatively discuss this controversial subject and share different views.

Is it just a distraction that Amazon (why are they called Amazon when they cut down so many forests to wrap their trinkets.). I digress. When Amazon gets more media time when it only suggests it may deliver stuff with DRONES. If I digress more and will soon be accused of droning on.

In our community these “Unmanned surveillance and weapons equipped aerial devices” are a reality. Not in the same way as a community in, lets say, Afghanistan is affected by them. For a start, we are told they don’t carry weapons in Wales but is west Wales part of a programme that assists surveillance and remote killing?

We have no say and are told it is this a vital multi billion pound industry for Wales?

The title of our proposed project is “So who controls the drones in my sky” So who is asking this question? Not just us in Cardigan and Aberporth but should all of Wales just ignore it. Whose remit is it? This is a private company testing these things but it was funded from Europe and how is it supported from elsewhere? Who controls the drones in my sky? Just how do we work out how many lives are taken and how many lives are saved?

There are a myriad of questions, a wide range of opinions and surely a discussion and exploration with theatre is needed to focus this important subject

My sky is what I breathe; it begins at my feet and stretches all around my small world. I don’t have to recognise national airspace, drones don’t, (although testing here is limited to 500 square miles.) I share my sky with people in the Middle East, Russia, the Amazon, the USA, North Korea, Cardiff and more.

This airspace affects us all. It pays us back for our efforts with climate changes. It’s hard to stop myself from digressing again but Small World Theatre has been professionally explaining “The interconnectedness of everything” for longer than any other theatre company. We would really like to work with National Theatre Wales to explore the impact of the use of drones locally, nationally and internationally. This is a subject that needs the flexibility of theatre to do it justice

Please VOTE for us by going to this link

Thanks Bill

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