Who said that accountancy was boring? Not at NTW.

As it’s a day of firsts for National Theatre Wales – the first night of the first show of our first year! – I thought I’d join in and write my first blog.

I’m currently alone in the office as everyone else is at Blackwood watching the dress rehearsal. I’m not there because I’ve got a ticket for the show tonight; I can’t make press night because I’m in Dublin. Months ago John assured me that there was no way our first/press night would ever be on a Friday so I merrily booked a flight which would allow me to immerse myself in Guinness, leprechauns and, most importantly, rugby for the weekend.

There aren’t many who’d agree that a career in finance could ever be exciting – and would I blame them? Possibly when I travelled to the US, Sweden and South America on a regular basis that could have been deemed fun, but it was still just about work which itself was always about numbers and financial systems and correct operating procedures – yawn!

And my job is still about that – but at NTW it’s also about so much more. When I first arrived here people seemed pleased to have me, mainly because I’d be sorting out the petty cash for them. Hopefully I’ve brought more to the job than just minor cash management skills, but what it’s given me has been a whole series of firsts that I never thought I’d experience.

I’ve sat in on meetings with creative artists explaining their work and processes, I got to go to the Edinburgh Festival for my first visit (and saw the fabulous “My Name is Sue”), and in the last couple of weeks I’ve been up to Blackwood a couple of times and firstly watched John directing rehearsals (where I quickly learnt that if I don’t want to stand in a circle singing songs from The Sound of Music and hoping that the guy from Only Men Aloud standing next to me can’t hear me singing out of tune, then I should turn up after the actors’ warm up!) and this week watched some of the technical processes that go into a show. For a trained accountant, it’s possibly more excitement than a girl can cope with.

But I’m still hoping that this year brings me some more fantastic firsts, starting tonight, so that I can categorically state that a career in finance is the most fun in the world – as long as you work for the right company!

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Comment by Rhiannon Davis on March 16, 2010 at 18:10
Did you notice, though, that I sneaked it on while everyone was too busy to notice?!
Comment by Catherine Paskell on March 13, 2010 at 21:46
I love this blog, Rhiannon! Thanks for sharing it with us & GIVE US MORE in the future please!! :). X

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