Why should I care about the drones? NTW ASSEMBLY CARDIGAN

'for human right'

'for your freedom'.

'for your future'

'you are heartless'

'for your children's future'

'to prevent the innocent being killed'

'you don't care about justice'

'you should make up your own mind instead of relying on other people's opinions'

'I don't know enough to make a comment'

'Drones could have been used to find the missing Malasian plane'

'Drones can improve agriculture'

'You are lying. Of course you care'

'You need to be educated'

'Have you ever loved someone?'

'Drones are not the issue. War is the issue'

'Somalia today. Newcastle Emlyn tomorrow'

'I fear people are scared of technology'

'You should care because you are a human being'

'Wales is a country of peace, yet our lands and sky are used to kill. Mae Cymru yn byd o hedd, a tithau yn Gymraes.'

These are just some of the responses I got when I asked audience at Cardigan's Assembly 'Why should I care about these drones?'

Here is my response...

I am not against the drones. I am against the purpose of drones.

These drones do not affect me. But they affect others just like me.

They make me safe. They make others fear for their lives.

I am the lucky one. I am on the right side. 

A son becomes a toy.

A mother becomes a target.

A grandfather becomes a bubble to burst.

I care. I care for their lives. I care for the daughter who lost her father, her home. I care for the town who's lost their baker. I care for the countries who are losing their pride.

I care for our love for life.

Thank you Cardigan!

Bud x

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