Working With A Master - NTW17 A Provincial Life - Opening Night

I think the title says everything really ....


For the last week and a half or so myself and 12 other Ensemble performers along with a 15 strong cast have been putting the final touches to NTW's newest production.





I have enjoyed every last second, i think we all have. It is so inspiring to be working with as i say a master. Peter Gill master director has just been amazing. Every last detail is thought about to make this as authentic and realistic as possible. Sitting down listening to notes has never been so exciting being able to listen to his pearls of wisdom is just so inspiring. 13 hour days just seem to fly by and it has all been so enjoyable.


Last night we finally opened to reveal to the world this gem of a production. Excitment, Panic sheer proudness knowing i had just performed in my first professional production. What an experience. It was those kind of days that i want to keep reliving again and again. Everything seemed to flow and work. This production has taken over everyone's lives but if i'm honest i don't really care its all been just so fantastic. EVERYONE has been so kind and helpful.


We have another 2 more weeks in which i assume things will only get better. Onwards and Upwards. And here's a massive THANKS to NTW for providing me with this opportunity.

And one last promotion push come along and enjoy this immense production .... You would be stupid not to

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