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How Do You eat An Elephant?  - Day 4 -  Rebecca Hayes

Day 4
Today was a very exciting day. Not only were we introduced to the building BLOCKS that will help us SOLVE the answer to not using chairs and tables in the show (all will be revealed in good time...), but we also got working on some of the Verbatim Theatre we are going to have in the show.
After lunch we all set off to the (very wet) Aberystwyth streets and asked the public some questions (subjects varied from 'books' to 'the world') and recorded their answers on our phones.
We then returned to the rehearsal room, picked our favourite answers and started learning them by listening through headphones and reciting exactly what the person said out loud.
Getting strangers opinions on some of our questions and getting to become that person then was a really great experience. Involving 'everyone's opinion, not only our own, is a big part of the show and Verbatim is a really special way of showing that.
On to Day 5!


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