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Today I write my blog about the YANC Casgliad 2015, an event I attended last weekend. First of all I would like to start with the weather and what a great day it was, warm, sunny and such a great view from the Aberystwyth Arts Center! 

It was my first time in Aberystwyth, so it was all new to me. I arrived the afternoon before. I had a quick look around the town and the castle on the water front (My favorite place I found) . Such a beautiful town! I can't believe I had never been before. So, the next day. It started early. I made my way up to the Arts Center with Laura. I wasn't quite sure what to expect to be honest. Walked into the lobby and it was heaving with people. More than I was expecting. Some familiar faces around I noticed. Which was good to see. Every one was about chatting with a cup of tea in their hand. Which is always welcoming. I didn't have time to finish mine. Had to fill out the registration forms and select what works shops we would like to attend.

So, There came the hard decision to pick. My first choice was the 'Film and Sound' workshop. That got my attention the most. Second was the Written Word? Workshop. Which my name got called for first. It was an interesting one. Coming up with ideas for a Youth Festival. Which I feel has real potential. It's something that will bring in a massive crowd. I guess it's just the process of ideas and the process of elimination to come up with the final idea and plan to put into action. So in the workshop we all got split into groups after playing a few games (One of which I got a guy to do a backflip, simply because he said he liked them. Which was awesome, He handed me his sunglasses to hold. And he did it.) . So, we all got down to work, had to come up with an idea to see where we think Youth Arts Network Cymru will be in five years time. Various ideas came up. All seamed to point the same way to be honest. To have a national program going. Which I agree with.

We all broke for lunch after that. Pretty decent food in the Arts Center. I had chicken pie. It was good. (Yes I might sound like a five year old) But it was good.

After lunch it was time for the second workshop of the day. Film and Sound came up for me. Straight up the stairs and one of the first in! Now personally it was a very interesting workshop. Based around an artist called 'Foxy and Husk'. Very crazy and wacky stuff. Pretty amazing to be honest, Very different. I would defiantly go and see one of their shows if the opportunity came up. After watching some of the videos there. It would be an amazing experience. I was ever so curious to see how much milk they actually use in their shows. All in all a very interesting workshop. Which I am glad I got the chance to experience.

After having my mind blown by the Film and Sound work shop. I found myself getting interviewed by the Youth Film Crew from Prestatyn. It was quite cool. And I felt quite honored to be interviewed on a camera. It felt quite cool and as almost as if I was a movie star. Which makes me laugh to be honest. It was also a good experience to sit back and see how the camera crew worked and how they did their job.

By this point it was getting late in the day and I had a three hour train journey to make, so I broke away a bit early. I went and had some food in the pub before my train was due, So I boarded the train, and it turned out my ticked was valid for another train, so I had to get off and wait in a little sea side town called Borth. The next train was in two hours! The view was nice...For about ten minutes. By this time in the day it was getting quite windy and cold. But luckily for me I packed my coat in my bag. I was so grateful I did, And I just had to sit back and laugh. Just typical my luck to end up stranded in a remote place. Soon enough my correct train showed up and I was on my way home. What followed after that was food and then bed!

All in all. I hope to go again next year. It was a great experience and it was amazing to see all the passionate people all in one places putting their minds together. It is the way forward!

Loui Milne. TEAM Panel Memeber, Thank you for reading!

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Comment by Sophie McKeand on April 17, 2015 at 11:01

Was great to see you there Loui! See you tomorrow for TEAM panel :)

Comment by Loui Milne on April 16, 2015 at 10:57
Check their stuff out on Youtube! That's what they showed us in the workshop. :)
Comment by Laura Fay Thomas on April 16, 2015 at 10:48

Great blog Loui, good to hear you enjoyed the event. I really want to see something by Foxy and Husk now! 

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