YURI August 012 – Eating lots of kinder surprises…/ Bwyta lot o kinder surprises… | Blog 2

So the ball is well and truly rolling (as is Guto on our rehearsal floor!), as we head in to our third week of rehearsals… the opening night is nigh (amser yn hedfan!)…

Over the last week the chwerthin (laughter) has continued, as we’re fully in Fabrice Melquiot’s crazy world by now. The cast Carys Eleri, Ceri Murphy and Guto Wynne Davies are all beginning to discover the real truth in their characters, why they are there, and what they all want... They are discovering this under the direction of the wonderful Mathilde, whose second week approach is incredibly exciting… To ensure the cast don’t fall into any patterns or get too comfortable with anything, we’ve visited all the scenes in random order – non-chronological. This has really given the performers that freedom which is crucial when still playing to discover…

Wythnos diwethaf, cefais y fraint o weithio gyda’r perfformwyr ar ben fy hunan! Working with the performers on my own as a young director was a great privilege. Mathilde has now given me the freedom to discover and develop my skills independently – her faith in me and support is invaluable. Learning a LOT on this hands-on job – and munching on a LOT of kinder surprises…

Finally… I’ve managed to have a sneak peek of the trailer, which looks FFABIWLAS – created by the talented Jorge Lizalde. Watch out for it…

I’ve said discover a lot in this blog haven’t I? Well, Yuri itself “…is a voyage of discovery.”

Over and out,

Elgan x

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