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At 7:08 on October 9, 2012, Lisa Wells-Turner said…

Thanks for the message (bit late - that sort of week(s).  Looking forward to next meeting!


At 15:39 on January 19, 2011, Centre For Performance Research said…

Hello Sarah - I've been meaning to contact you for ages to tell you how much my partner and 2 children loved the Night Pirates when they saw it at Aber Arts Ctr. I was away from home and didnt' get to go but they all thought it was wonderful and didn't stop talking about it for ages when I got back (making me very jealous!). My partner said it was brilliantly and sensitively staged and true to the book that the kids love.

Anyway well done for that and all your other recent successes.

best wishes Helen Gethin (CPR, formerly Quicksilver)

At 8:30 on August 10, 2010, Katie Elin-Salt said…
Sarah you are my first National Theatre Wales friend and I am very grateful for this.
I have only been a member for one day but was starting to get depressed when the page so blunty told me "you don't have any friends." Way to make a girl feel good about herself National Theatre Wales !!
So I am very grateful for your friendship !
Love from Snit xxxxxxx
At 21:48 on July 25, 2010, Kev McCurdy said…
Hey hun,

How's it going? Hope you're having a good summer. See ya when you're back x x x
At 19:28 on March 22, 2010, Eirwen Anne Hopkins said…
Hello Sarah

I saw #The Ugley Truth' in gorseinon College - second visit - it worked even better than in Chapter. You've got a good dynamic with it and, as in your other work, carefully figured character work and elegantly-drawn relationships. Lovely!

I keep trying to include you in my circulation list for 'First Choice' but don't have your correct e-mail. Can you send it?

Best wishes

At 13:59 on March 18, 2010, Sarah Jones said…
Hi Sarah, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed The Ugly Truth. How tense is the bullying moment? The show was moving and very funny. The audience were raptured. Looking forward to catching up at My Mother Told Me Not Too Stare, Sarah
At 0:19 on December 4, 2009, Paul Hoskins said…
Hi Sarah! Hope you and Kevin are fine...Really enjoyed working with you on 'Lear's Daughters' at RWCMD, a few years ago

Paul x
At 12:36 on October 26, 2009, Catherine Paskell said…
Hi Sarah, thanks for your message. No worries about the Featuring thing, I really appreciate you guys coming to give your feedback so it really is the least that we can do :) Sorry it wasn't done earlier. Great to knock into you on Friday too and have a swift catch up in the oh-so-new Chapter. You can get the community on your mobile by going on your mobile's internet browser to: (same address with /m after it) so maybe if you are on your way to teaching (or have a sly few minutes during the class) you can follow the launch on your phone?! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :) x
At 11:03 on October 12, 2009, Ioan Hefin said…
Hi Sarah
Sounds as if you've had a very, very busy time of things. With a bit of luck I'll get to catch up with a few of your tales shortly!
At 13:08 on October 11, 2009, Katie Elizabeth Payne said…
heya sarah! good to meet you yesterday! sorry couldn't go for coffee and had to rush off. hopefully see you soon xx tag it...uhh
At 12:44 on September 30, 2009, Scott A Travers said…
Hello you, how is the Opera going? hope all is well with you and if you need any help just holla ok x
At 13:21 on September 14, 2009, Gemma McAvoy said…
Lovely to see you the other night. Wishing you all the best for the Opera. gemma x
At 8:19 on August 28, 2009, Sarah Jones said…
Hi Sarah,

Are you around next Thursday at all? Peri and I are will be going to Sandpitand are arranging meetings in the day in Cardiff.

Hope your well,

At 15:56 on August 13, 2009, Catherine Paskell said…
Hi Sarah - the Sandpit starts at 6.30pm so hopefully you will be able to make it for the start. If you think you are going to get there later, please let me know so I can still put you on the list. Games start at about 7pm I think but people start to book their places from 6.30pm. There will be games running until 10.30pm so if you are later, there are still lots of things you can do. Hope all's good with you! x
At 7:28 on August 6, 2009, Sarah Jones said…
Sounds like a plan. Shame we'll miss the show but sounds like loads of exciting productions for us to watch in the meantime. Having only been back from NZ since April still only just scratching the surface of work in Wales. Gary actualy tutored me for film at Aber back in 97! Be interested to hear more about that project. Really enjoyed the 'Money Matters' piece with Acting Out recenty. We brought a group to watch and they loved it. Were busy with lots of particpation projects at mo including a youth thetre production commemorating the miners Strike of 84 based on local womens experiences and a youth arts project Cymru Uganda a fi exploring poverty in Wales and Africa. Cheery stuff but am sure we'll get a few laughts in. Anyway lets aim for September. Just saw Yeon is in Okinawa in Japan hoping a tornado won't hit! Scary stuff!
At 9:50 on August 5, 2009, Sarah Jones said…
Hi Sarah, It is funny you should write today as my colleague and friend Peri (Youth Arts Manager)was reading me the article on Theatre in Wales about your Korea tour. We'd both love to see it, will it be in Wales again? Glad you hooked up with Yeon, she is lovely! Getting involved in ASSITEJ has totally changed my perception of theatre for children and in particular I had no ideas about early years work. It would be wonderful to catch up. We're based in Ammanford but often have meetings in Cardiff. Where you based? Your very welcome to come visit whenever. Are you thinking of submiting work for the next World Congress? We need to get more involved in ASSITEJ Wales. Anyway lets try to get together soon. Woud love to hear about Korea as that is hopefully where we Next Gens meet next year!
At 9:51 on July 21, 2009, Yvette Vaughan Jones said…
Well I might be rushing in Cardiff but will be in Edinburgh from 17- 21st August. And you?
At 9:07 on July 21, 2009, Yvette Vaughan Jones said…
Hi there, hope all is okay with you. It would be good to meet up when I am next in Cardiff or if you come to London/Edinburgh in the summer?
At 18:48 on June 22, 2009, Gwyneth Lewis said…
Hi Sarah,
I've thought a lot about your company since we met, and was telling the story about the baby with one foot the other day. Will you be performing in Cardiff this summer? I have a four-and a three-year old (step grandchildren) who are game for anything. And I'm dying to take part!
At 21:08 on June 21, 2009, SHEKIRA JOHNSON said…
hello sarah. i'm fine thank you. off to milan on wednesday to do the show with firezna.i can't wait. i hate the fact that i'm leaving college tho. scary times. i'm gonna miss every body. i'm soo excited about working with you again tho. wish it was sooner. i want to know more about it message me on here or on facebook or you could ring me. my number is 07833184209. speak to you soon me darling.xxxx

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