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At 17:51 on April 24, 2017, Lawrence Quilty said…

Hi Simon. I’ve recently joined the network and as per the instructions on the website was getting in touch to let you know I’m here. I’ve uploaded a couple of short plays to my profile as writing samples, but the script I’d really like to share with you is a recently completed full length period piece about the infamous political advisor and mystic Grigori Rasputin during the last days of Imperial Russia. I know the guidance is to send just twenty pages, so I’m happy to cut out the opening section and send it to Alternatively, I could send the full piece just in case you felt compelled to read past the twenty page point. I was just wondering what you’d prefer? Thanks for your time, Lawrence.

At 18:32 on September 29, 2016, Trudi-Rose Edwards said…

Hello Simon,

My name is Trudi-Rose, I've just joined the community and Writers group, really excited to have joined! I've been writing for several years; novels, plays even a screenplay I've been working on, however only recently have I been able to devote more time to my writing now that I've finished university. I'm going to send some of my most recent work (a play) to the ideas email address so hopefully you'll get a chance to have a look at that some time soon.

Really excited to be here and looking forward to getting involved in the community



At 10:37 on December 17, 2015, Stuart H. Bawler said…

Hi Simon.

I have just added my event at the WMC and would like to offer yourself or another Creative Associate 2 complimentary tickets. I would be interested to hear what NTW thinks of our work: Ultra-Violet Circus/Puppet/Dance/Illusion

Below is a description:

Hummadruz, The Black Light Theatre of Wales presents the Ultimate Psychedelic Trip: Gustav Holst's "The Planets". Hummadruz looks to the heavens and presents a multi-coloured voyage through the Cosmos in a Space Fantasia.

Gustav Holst’s astrological take on The Planets has inspired seven stories that will transport you to an Underwater Kingdom, the Elastic Rainbow Planet, the Dawn of Time and the outer reaches of our Solar System.
Hummadruz are The Black Light Theatre of Wales and we use our unique style of performance to animate the musical score: Ultra-Violet Circus, Dance, Puppetry and Illusion.

The company, who have previously taken on pieces from the likes of Rick Wakeman, Led Zeppelin and Eat Static ar...e bringing life to the classical suite based on the astrological forces of the planets above. The show toured nationally throughout Wales in 2014 but has now been radically reworked to be staged at the Wales Millennium Centre.
Hummadruz will make you smile, gasp and cry at their interpretations of each of Holst’s original themes, from Mars’ The Bringer of War to Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity.

“Make sure you make time to go see this incredible combination of classical and modern performance.” Buzz Magazine 2014.

Featuring the recording of Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra.

Do get in touch if yourself or a colleague would like to come!

Cheers, Stu

At 13:21 on June 23, 2015, Geraint Cardy said…


Hi, it's Geraint Cardy. I am an actor/writer recently moved back to Cardiff from London.

I met John Mcgrath at a reading recently and he was going to come to a one man piece I am currently working on called OUT OF SOUNDS.  He unfortunately then said he couldn't make it but was going to send someone else along. (In the end I had to cancel the piece for personal reasons, but that's besides the point as regards this email). In my emails with John  I asked, as I am new to the area, if it would be possible to meet someone for five/ten minutes to get a feel of how the NTW worked and also the scene in Wales, eg. some advice of where might be best for my piece and what avenues to chase. One thing I thought of, is that I have been told that the NTW does a lot of site specific projects, something that could, I think work for my piece. He said he would forward my emails on to yourself.    

I won't go on about Out of Sounds here, or myself, we could end up with War and Peace but I wondered if you had the email from John and if there was any chance of 5/10 mins of your time  at some point. One can do a lot of research but 10 mins with someone who knows the scene can help an enormous amount.

You can answer me on the NTW website or email me on




At 11:15 on March 9, 2015, Rob Keeley said…

Hi Simon, I've just joined the community and Writers group.  Good to meet you.  My name is Rob Keeley and I'm a dramatist, novelist and short story writer keen to write for theatre.  I'm about to send a sample of work to the "ideas" e-mail address so more details there!  I'm based in Merseyside but would be delighted to chat online any time!  My profile on here and my website ( give more details on what I'm up to as a writer at the moment.





At 9:28 on January 8, 2015, Rachel-Helena Walsh said…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Simon Coates! x

At 16:18 on November 25, 2014, Yvonne Murphy said…

Hi Simon

Just thinking there must be some future female Theatre Producers/Directors out there after some work experience  and you might know who they are?



At 10:05 on October 4, 2014, Justin Teddy Cliffe said…

Hi Simon!

Thought I'd post an invite to you for a Comedy Cabaret night and a couple of other events we've got on the go for ComedyPort next week.

At 19:43 on August 13, 2014, Osian Rhys said…


Could you send me some details on welshlab?

Thank you,


At 14:26 on August 5, 2014, Ray Thomas said…

Hi, Simon

Can I please refer you to my post dated 25 April - re. "Everyman Theatre Lab - 'The Melting Pot'"? Any progress or further information, please? Ray Thomas

At 14:24 on August 5, 2014, Ray Thomas said…

Hello, Simon

Hope that all is well. I would like to invite you to attend "The Thunder & Lightning Man - Andrew Crosse", a devised piece which I am presenting as my M.A Drama Major Production: 7.30 pm - Friday 12 & Saturday 13 September 2014 - The Theatre, in The Atrium. Audience numbers will be limited, so I would be grateful if you could please RSVP and let me know how many tickets you will need. Many thanks. Ray Thomas. Contact:

At 9:53 on July 2, 2014, Chinatsu Kato said…

Hi, Simon!

This is Chinatsu Kato from Underground Airport.

Very excited about the whole project.

Just sent you a request to add me as a friend.

Talk to you soon!


At 16:45 on April 25, 2014, Ray Thomas said…

Hi - last message was supposed to read (28 March)!

At 16:44 on April 25, 2014, Ray Thomas said…

Hi, Simon

You posted a positive and intriguing response to my "Everyman's Theatre Lab - 'The Melting Pot'" message 928 March) and I wondered if we might now meet up and discuss further what might be possible. Look forward to hearing from you. Hope the Laugharne event went well. Cheers.

Ray Thomas

At 14:37 on February 26, 2014, Rowena Louise Bernice Scurlock said…
A bit of both
At 13:22 on February 13, 2014, Tamar Eluned Williams said…

Hi Simon,

I'd just like to ask the same question as Katie below - will you be running the emerging directors scheme again this year and if so, when will applications open?

Thanks a lot for your help!


At 20:45 on January 4, 2014, Katie Harris said…

Hi Simon,

I was just wondering if the emerging directors scheme was going ahead again this year, and if it is when will applications be open for 2014?




At 12:50 on December 17, 2013, Ben Heneghan said…

Hi Simon:

I've recently joined the NTW community and have sent you some script and songs from a musical I'm working on. Hope you enjoy it.

Ben Heneghan

At 15:39 on November 29, 2013, alan bryant said…

Thanks Simon I've attached the first ten pages plus cast list. I would like to take it further and make it 80 - 90 minutes but it would be good to have an opinion on it first. If you think it's all a bit pointless please say so, that's fine.

Kind regards alan


At 20:55 on November 28, 2013, Kelsey Richards said…
A busy time then! Must be so exciting to see all the potential ideas in the inbox for WalesLab. I did think of applying, then talked myself out. But had some good reactions to the play last night, so am rethinking my application! Nothing to lose :)

(But if you do stumble across my idea and it's rubbish, I'm relying on you to put it straight in the shredder and protect my reputation!)

All the best x

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