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hey there liking the keeping people informed and in touch, do you have anything going on in Swansea area, as Cardiff, is a lil costly with personal funds at the mo?

Hey Stuart,

Sorry I seem to have missed your message.

The plan is once we're all set up is to run these sessions all over Wales - big ambition! So I'm going to be making a bit of a plan for how this can work as its not a funded project and we rely on people giving their time and spaces for free. We are hosting one in north Wales in a couple of weeks, so that will give me a good indication of how it can work.

If you do know of any organisations, theatre companies, venues or businesses in Swansea who would be interested in being involved in this, please do let me know, it would be great to chat further!


well i'm involved with two drama groups, with folks with all sorts of needs,but. I am sure that both venues would be happy to host having people talks and voice their opinions on what may be assisting any more involvement with folks to have access to discussions and whatever else may be arising fro groups problems of any arts access. I can ask if available that there would be people who would like to come and take any opinions, and chair a discussion?is this the sort of things that would be of help to yourself?

Hi Stuart,

Sounds like somewhere to start! Could you email me or send me your email and we'll go from there? My email is rhianlewis@nationaltheatrewales.org


Hi as a new member I have been following some of the conversations and appreciate that this is  a vital part of arts discourse.

Based in West Wales it is often very difficult to get to Cardiff for the live forums . I was wondering if there are any plans to hold any of these fora outside the capitol ?

Hi Bill!

Yes, that is the intention for sure. We wanted to get it off the ground and the concept started off, then I'm going to be looking at finding partners in other places to help run them in different areas.

We don't actually have any funding at the moment, so it's a bit of depending on people to support it.

I know this doesn't necessarily help you, but we are going to be hosting one in North Wales in March, and will hopefully be in West Wales very soon.

If you know of anyone who is interested or any venues that might be discussing accessible theatre, please do let me know as it would be great to chat.


We at Small World Theatre in Cardigan are an accessible venue and may be interested in hosting in Cardigan www.smallworld.org.uk

and If Rachel Stelmach is still at Arts disability Wales she may be able to advise on sources of funding or where to look

Best wishes



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