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From Screenwriter to Playwright

It's been YEARS since I've been on the NTW community, but I'm back now, looking for information and inspiration as I embark on writing my first professional stage play.  I haven't written a play since 2005 when I wrote a one-act piece for Bridgend County Youth Theatre's Halloween celebration.  I'm currently scripting a two-act two-hander to be performed in Cardiff in spring 2020 followed by a transfer to London and hopefully, a brief New York run. That's the…


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Novel or Script?

I'd never had doubts about which way to tell a story until this year.  I always knew from the start whether something was going to be a novel, a stageplay, screenplay, or short (both story and film).  I know that other people sometimes have a dilemma in choosing which format to tell their story but it's never been a problem for me.


This changed a few months ago (August? September?) when I woke up at stupid o'clock and wrote a short film in an hour and a quarter.  Just like…


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NaNoWriMo Fail

I first heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2010 and liked the idea of committing to writing 50,000 words from November 1st right through to the 30th.  So long as I had the research, characterisation etc. done by the first (which might actually have been cheating) it would've been easy enough to plod along through it.


Everything was ready, inspiration was sky high.  Started out with a few thousand words on Day 1 just to kick off.  A few hundred words on Day…


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Well the weeks are rolling by quickly and its about time we started attaching people to the project.  We're drawing up a list of names for casting, being realistic about who we can afford within the budget.  In the meantime we've found our director; the press release is going out today:





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Introducing our crowdfunding campaign

With almost a month to go before we start filming, here's an intro to the crowdfunding campaign for our short film The Final Punchline:



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Attention seeking newsfeeds


Attention! Seeking!! Aggregate newsfeeds!!


I woke up this morning to find a random tweet by a random tweeter who I don't know tweeting about me.  Adding to the usual Monday confusion (why is it still not Sunday?) said random tweet directed me to a random website - http://paper.li

From what I can tell it's some kind of news aggregate site billed as an…


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The Final Punchline - IMDb listing


The Final Punchline on the IMDb


As the weeks go by we're gaining momentum on the project and starting to get some decent publicity.  Our first press article was featured in the February edition of Los Angeles magazine Satellite - "transmitting the worlds of fashion, design and culture".  You can read it online…


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My first ever blog post!!


My first ever blog post on the NTW community!


I hope that you're all well; I haven't been on the National Theatre Wales community for a while so I apologise if I've neglected or forgotten people.  My last status update tells me it was September, and that's a shocking gap that I need to make up…


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