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Say, has the world gone inside out and topsy turvy?

Is there a nonsensical shift in our universe? Persephone must be snowed down a hole somewhere. It's snowing in spring and everyone's forgetting what they've just said. We’re on the verge of doing something but for the time being we've frozen with the cold. The large snow creature in the garden is now a small chip. The sun was up today so the earth must be recovering. Sometimes I just look at our world and think about how incredible it is. Sometimes I look at it and…


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How Powerful is a Piece of Paper?

Paper, paper everywhere. On the walls, in books, in forests. Words printed on paper which make us feel and think and take action or just - stop. Pictures and images which portray emotion. Yet can a piece of paper with ink on it change our lives? It sure can. This infuriates me. Our choices should be free and not limited due to ink on paper. I could be choosing French and drama  as GCSEs but because they're in the same column on a…


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Here's a quote: Past and future only exist in our mind. The present moment is outside of time, it is eternity.

This quote by Paulo Coelho explains why I love drama. We lose all consciousness of worries and our pestering thoughts subside. Drama allows us to fully live and experience the MOMENT. When do our thoughts ever truly live in the now? I know when I'm acting; I enter a state of really believing in what I am doing and therefore, myself.

Life is not a dress…


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