We are building the set in St Thomas Aquin school in Edinburgh.   

Things did not start auspiciously as we could not get the truck into the yard at the back of the school, the driver just could not make the turn, it was too tight.  Of course we all stood around and watched the poor man shuffling backwards and forwards and we did make many helpful suggestions that he sensibly and politely ignored.  There was one point when it really looked like he had tied a knot in his wagon, quite an achievement.

We are now of course very good friends with many of our new neighbours who were delighted to see that we had bought our own unique form of street theatre to the residential streets of Edinburgh.

Despite having a rather longer carry than we expected the unload went well and here we are at 15:00 and the towers are up, seating units being built and there is the unusual sound of stage crew laughing, is it desperation , or genuine enjoyment?  I am not sure but it is a nice surprise.

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