It happens that people may dislike some artists and reject trying to find positive traits in their character and behavior. Such an approach makes no good since people rely on their subjective assessment of the certain person without conducting an in-depth research. As every artist is not just a public person, but also a human being, he or she has both good and bad sides. As for me, I have realized that after a closer look at Chris Brown, the artist that I used to hate. Having analyzed his biography, one can claim that apart from his public scandals, he has many positive traits and his position also deserves a respect. Chris Brown is a talented man who has become very famous despite the fact he has issues with the reputation. In addition, he does as much as possible to change himself and become a better person.

There is no doubt that Chris Brown is a famous person even though he is a little bit less popular nowadays than he used to be at the beginning of his career. He was a real sensation in 2005, when his first album came out and brought him a commercial success (Botnar). Since that time he has released many albums. The last one is Heartbreak on a Full Moon released in 2017 (Anderson). The crowds love Chris Brown for his unique voice and his dancing skills. In addition, he is very attractive and therefore has many female fans. Furthermore, he collaborates with many famous people in the music industry including Fiddy, Zendaya, Usher, Tyga, DJ Khaled, and others (Finn). Such cooperation positively affects Brown’s career since he has a chance to enlarge his audience. In addition, Brown has featured in several films and even has his own fashion line (Botnar). All these have made him even more popular and evoked the interest towards his music in people who like cinema and fashion. Therefore, Chris Brown has made a commercial success at the beginning of his career, positioned himself as a good singer and dancer, and tried himself as an actor and a fashion designer.

The popularity of Chris Brown traces back to his skills. He is a talented singer and a great dancer. What is even more important - he has learned all this on his own (Botnar). It means that he has a real talent and does not need any teachers or specific trainings. In addition, it means that Chris has a strong will since he has reached a success on his own. It is a well-known fact, that his childhood has not been very happy and the fact that now he is a famous singer, but not a reserved person, says a lot about his character and self-realization. Therefore, Chris Brown has both great skills and a strong will.

Despite all his positive features, lately Chris Brown’s reputation has been dented and nowadays he seems to be a completely different man. He used to a young star with millions of fans, dating the famous singer Rihanna. However, in 2009 was arrested after attacking Rihanna and faced the problems of a possible imprisonment and a boycott by the artistic world (Beaumont-Thomas). Nevertheless, Chris Brown has declared himself as a person who is ready for positive changes. He has confessed that he wants to overcome this aggression and publically apologized to Rihanna. It seems that this story has influenced him a lot and he often keeps returning to it in his interviews, apologizing again and again for his behavior. He suffers from the mental disorders and tries to overcome it. His attempts are partially successful, as he still has problems with rage. However, nowadays Chris Brown is the father of a little girl Royalty and tries to do as much as possible to be a good dad (Botnar). Therefore, Chris Brown has a bad reputation, but he does as much as possible to deal with his mental disorders and become a better man, which means that he understands his guilt and is ready for a change.

Personally, I anticipate Chris Brown for his attitude towards Rihanna in 2009. After having a closer look the situation I have realized that this incident is a result of Brown’s mental disorder, but I still cannot respect a man, who beats and chokes his partner. It is hard for me to understand how a person can treat anyone like this, since it is the behavior of a beast, not of a human. His desire to change gladdens me but I do not believe that a man who has at least once done such a terrible thing can truly change. I understand and admit that it is quite sad that such a behavior may become an obstacle for enjoying great songs, films, or books.

In conclusion, Chris Brown is a famous man who has become popular due to his talents. He has started his career in 2005 and he still has many fans, releases albums, collaborates with other famous musicians, and declares himself as both an actor and a designers. A combination of his outstanding voice, great dancing skills and good-looking appearance has made him very popular. He is a talented man since he has learned everything on his own. In addition, he has a strong will and is a very perseverant person. That is true that Chris Brown’s reputation is mostly negative after the scandalous incident when he has beaten Rihanna. However, Brown declared himself as a man who tries to overcome his mental disorders and accepts his failures. Now he seems to be a loving father and a man who has changed a lot. However, I still dislike him because of the incident with Rihanna since I do not think that the one can be called a man after beating the weak and vulnerable woman. Nevertheless, Chris Brown’s talents and his desire to become a better person are the steps to rehabilitate his reputation.

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