Well it's just about a month away until #EYESPY. It's the third spy game we have put on but by far this is the one with the most story and general scale to it. After our last two games of everwake and Jokul Frosti it has been good to get some real cool bits of tech involved in the game and also develop some new types of game experiences that we have not used in the previous games. Recently there has been a lot of discussion of transmedia and the nature of technology or platforms of media being used to tell a particular story in different ways. And indeed to use these different mediums to utilise their attributes to tell a particular part of the story in a particular style.


Beyond this at least with us there is also an element of the theme. If pervasive games are more than a game or play i.e. they have some kind of story behind them then they have to ease at least have to have theme. Generally a theme from the that of film. This theme then will control to some degree the type of techniques and tech that you use for the game. An example being if you were doing a pirate game then a mobile phone twitter element to it might be a tad odd.


When you are doing something like a spy game. Then it makes sense to be quite hi-tech and use where possible the latest. So we are play testing a number of bits of tech to try and bring the spy agency feel to the game and yet still be not too tech reliant as that if it doesnt work then it will break the game. We are looking forward to seeing how it plays out on 5th May and hopefully if the idea of a game/theatre experience interests you pleas take a look at our event page.



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