*UPDATED* Funding application support from NTW Development Team

**Updated post to include link to this page https://www.grantsonline.org.uk/coronavirus.html which will show you who is currently accepting applications***

We know many people are now finding themselves having to apply for funding, which may be new to them.

We only have a small department of two people, but we would like to offer our support and advice for people seeking funding in the current crisis where we can.

As such, please feel free to email Esther or Alex with copies of your applications if you would like them proof-read or checked over. 

Here is a list of tips to get you started:

  • Obvious one to start with, read the guidelines clearly and check your eligibility.


  • Don't assume they know anything about your organisation, Be as clear as you can, and avoid using jargon.


  • The need for your work is the most important aspect, what will happen if you don't get funding and what needs will it meet.


  • Be clear about exactly how any funds you receive will be spent.


  • Get someone to look over it who knows nothing about your project or even your sector, a friend or family member.


  • Don't over promise, it may be tempting to promise the world to secure funding, but be realistic and know the value of your time.


  • Word count is a maximum, not a target, if you can be more concise, do. People will have hundreds of applications to read, if yours is to the point, clear, and easy to read, the assessor will be much happier reading your application.


  • Don't be afraid to contact the funder and ask them questions, most of them are happy to have a conversation


  • Finally, Be proud of the work that you are doing, your work is valuable and important!



Additionally, Arts Fundraisers in Cardiff are a friendly bunch, and we keep in touch regularly, if we don't know the answer, we might know someone who does..

We have already had some offers of help from the wider Development Community so we can work with them to support you.

Please get in touch with us if you think we can help!

 Esther & Alex


 For Info:

The ACW Stabilisation Fund for Organisations for arts organisations working in the not-for-profit sector in Wales who are experiencing immediate financial difficulty due to Coronavirus. Is open now from 21st April- 8th May 2020

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