Coming into this placement I didn’t really know what to expect. I have a background in writing but working in theatre and film has been a long-term ambition of mine. I’ve always lacked the courage and steady nerves needed to make that initial step into the idustry but I guess sometimes all it takes is a global pandemic for a kick up the tush. Anyway, like I said I didn’t have a clue as to what to expect during a Covid-times placement.

          It ended up being spread over the course of a few weeks with the GTTB team. First, I sat with Naomi and made notes on some interviews she conducted for the Community led section of the film. I was then given the opportunity to write a piece of the script. I was so surprised that I was trusted with this! I wrote some short monologues that then went though editing, proof-reading etc. and then BOOM, something I wrote was in a real screenplay.

          I was then offered the opportunity to be in the GTTB film initially as someone who would do a little voice-over work and as I have some experience in performance poetry it seemed pretty apt. Eventually this evolved into playing an actual character and acting on screen (with a costume and everything) which I had never done before!

          I had an amazing time on set. Everyone was so understanding and patient with me, and I met so many talented and creative people I never would have met otherwise. Writing can be such a solitary profession and I love that, but there is something so beautiful and tender about a group of people coming together and using their crafts, their livelihoods, to simply create and take so much joy in that.

          I never would have thought that I would come out of this placement with my first ever screen writing credit and my first acting credit. I am so honoured that Naomi and Dr. Sita trusted me to be a part of this project and thank you so much to everyone on the GTTB team for letting me spend this time with all of you. I am truly very grateful for this whole experience; it was quite the adventure!

If you see any bees, please tell them Yukta sent you.

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