Haia- I'm staring at the gigantic slate tip

I'm staring at the gigantic slate tip and the rockiest mountains in Wales and thinking...this is what's fuelling my stories.
The suffering , the joy, the beauty, the oppression, the dominance, the laughter and solidarity of the people that live here... my creative brain and ides swim in the small streams that run in to the Crystal clear lakes, Llyn Idwal, Llyn Ogwen - the Ogwen Valley...I can't escape that, it's in you if you have been breathing this air since forever.

I'm vomiting songs at the moment, spewing ideas and puking stories and hell it feels good.
It's all one big splat on the paper mind...but hey...that's why being chosen for BBC Writersroom 10 fills we with excitement and hope.

The opportunity to receive the guidance I need and develop my writing through the BBC and National Theatre Wales over the next 12 months is bloody great.

I popped my cherry with the glorious Dirty Protest Theatre three years ago, and wrote my first play Baby Ate My Eightball for them as part of a Supper Furry Animals themed SŴN Festival night - I was hooked.
Last year I was frothing at the mouth whilst writing 'TUNA' as part of Plays in a Bag for Dirty Protest, which played at the Almeida Festival, London - a priceless opportunity that left me addicted to playwriting.

I feel very nurtured through Tim Price and the company of Dirty Protest and hold them fully responsible for the euphoric birth of my playwriting. Thanks National Theatre Wales for the nomination and for being you, and thanks to all who provides endless support for new writing in Wales - you're bloody cracking.

I hope that being under the Writersroom 10 umbrella will leave me sat up straight , with my gimlet mattock and spade in hand and ready for some hard core grafting.

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