How to be Well in a World that is Sick. Rehearsal Vlog day 1.

Hello National Theatre Wales Community. I am new here. I am  a writer, director, performer and theatre maker and the Artistic Director of Jackdaw Theatre. I am now based in Machynlleth.

I am currently developing a solo performance project titled "How To Be Well In A World That Is Sick". Supported by the Arts Council of Wales and The National Lottery, this work is a semi autobiographical exploration of the impact of sexual and gender based violence. The show asks questions about how our culture and society perpetuate this kind of violence and explores the ways in which the wider context of our culture and society impact on our internal landscape as people. The work looks at how important body based, movement and vocal forms of expression are necessary and needed in the process of healing trauma. Including spoken word, storytelling, movement, dance, sound and clowning, this piece combines my skills as a writer, performer and maker, and is a process of bringing together some of the experiences which have impacted on me the most in  life, with a deep desire to connect with and support other people who have survived similar journeys or who are supporting those who have. 

As a part of this project I am working in partnership with New Pathways, an organisation based across Wales who offer support to victims and survivors of rape, sexual assulat, abuse and sexual violence. I have been working with a focus group of people who have received support from New Pathways. The groups  personal stories, thoughts and reflections are feeding directly into the content and structure of the show.

I am currently in rehearsal and will be doing an online work in progress showing of the work on May 19th.

I am making regular Vlogs of my process and am pleased to share the first one with you. I hope you enjoy!

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