How to Decorate Your Home for Summer Wedding

Presently trends have been changed and people prefer to organize wedding function at hotels or in marquees. But if you want to organize your wedding at home or in backyard then don’t worry here in this article we are discussing about different tips that could be very helpful in decorating the wedding house. That could be less costly way but decorations styles and ideas will be very intimate and adorable. Actually there are several things that you should prefer to take into account before you actually start working on this idea. First of all you have to make a plan, write down all the things that you have to do, things you need for executing this plan and other things. Other than that you have to decide the most important thing which is whether you want to organize the wedding indoor or outdoor. After that here we are discussing other decoration tips:


Prefer for Drape the Ceilings Design:

First decor idea that you can implement is to drape the fabric with the ceiling in the entire event place. That will definitely give your overall décor an attractive look. You should prefer to keep it formal and elegant by using plain white fabric but if you want to add a fun look then you should prefer to use some bright colors just like blue, yellow or pink. That will give you the best reception look.

Luxurious Decoration Look:

you can add luxury with textiles and fabrics. Buying luxury bed linen in interesting patterns or plain colors is a good investment. Layering your bed with linens and pillows is a simple way to change a basic bedroom into a luxurious place.

Creating Escort Card Display Look:

Next idea that you could apply for decorating your home for wedding is to have an escort card table, for this you should prefer to create a announcement board of seating projects and prefer top display it close to the entrance of your reception space. It will look more attractive and will give first best impression to your guests.

Prefer to Hang the Flowers:

Another trick that you could apply for decorating your home is to hang the flowers on the upper side of the dining tables. You can simply decorate your dining tables and stage by using lots of different flowers. You can also use flowers to kept in the vase or railings.

Use Chalkboard Signage:

Another trick that is very in these days is to use chalkboards and write something very attractive and eye catching on it. After that you can simply place it near the entrance or in the walk ways.

Prefer to Use Table Lamps:

Other than that you can simply use table lamps on the dinner tables, but make sure you use accurate height for these lamps. Always keep in mind that if you are using table lamps then you have to skip the flowers but if you will use the flowers then you should prefer to skip the lamps.

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