Hello theatre lovers!

I'm happy to announce the theatre/performance lineup for this year's madeinroath festival! All events are FREE

The Dom Show
Dom Farelli
Cardiff M.A.D.E., 41 Lochaber St, CF24 3LS
Sat 10, 7.30 - 8.10pm

We've all got a few personal personas knocking around inside that we'd like to put a face to.

Well this October, join Dom as he meets, greets and dual's with all five of his!
This is a multimedia comedy show with five components; Laptop, Projector, Table Speakers, DOM.

Dom Farelli is a filmmaker from Llandudno who decided to try his hand at performing whilst at National Theatre Wales Summercamp '14.
This is his debut Show (be gentle).


Like Dom? Find him next at funny man Charlie Smith's 'The Comedy Den' at Porters 26/10/15.

Plate Expectations
Dan Mitchell

Cardiff M.A.D.E., 41 Lochaber St, CF24 3L
Mon 12, 7.30-8.30pm

Fresh from a near sell out run at the Edinburgh Festival, Dan Mitchell is bringing his food based show "Plate Expectations" for a final airing in Cardiff

Dan Mitchell -Plate Expectations

We've all got to eat. But why go to an all you can eat buffet and just have a salad? 
Gorge yourself with a feast of comedy as Dan serves you a menu of acerbic observations, surreal flights of fancy, wild characters and actual cake. 
May contain nuts.

As seen on ITV's “Show Me The Funny”
BBC 2's “Funny Business”
and various other stuff you probably won't have heard of

"Dan did himself proud"-The Scotsman
"Gloriously surreal"-Audience Review
“Absolutely brilliant'”-Ross Noble
“A joy to watch”-Bob Mortimer
“Very funny” JK Rowling
“Very funny stuff”- Eddie Izzard


He Speaks!
Charlie Smith
Cardiff M.A.D.E., 41 Lochaber St, CF24 3LS
Mon 12, 9pm-9.30pm

Irish writer Oscar Wilde once said ‘Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.’
This quote has no relation to Charlie Smith or his show, but there is a greater chance you will look at his blub with it there.
Following a successful 2013 solo show Too Tall For The Ride, Smith travels to Roath to talk in a darkened room on a October evening and dissects the everyday reality of social culture.

'Smith’s charm and self-deprecating wit engages his audience, pulling them along as his stories, delight and entertain.' - Three Weeks

'Very amiable with a brilliant attitude to interacting with the crowd' - Buzz Magazine


A Fête Worse Than Death
Karen Sherrard
The Roath Park Pub, 170 City Rd, CF24 3JE
Tue 13, 7.30 - 8.20pm

Welcome to the village fête in Llanfairchwaraesboncen, in the heart of the South Wales Valleys. Hosted by 76 year old Iris Evans and featuring TV gardener Esme de Flange as guest speaker, expect competitions, audience participation and a raffle! One-woman comedy show written and performed by Karen Sherrard.



It's Behind You!
Alex Nagle, Dai Hill, Dunyasha Barrow, Matt Lee, Aisling Bell, Boat People
The Crofts Pub, Croft St, CF24 3DZ
Wed 14, 7.30 - 8pm

A has-been popstar.
A never-was thespian.
A broken Blue Peter presenter.
A washed-up rugby player.
A deluded director.


And a casting agent who could change their lives forever.


(With support from Boat People)


Ted Shiress 
Cynic Season 2
I Am Not Sting
The Roath Park Pub, 170 City Rd, CF24 3JE
Thur 15, 8.30pm

Ted Shiress presents new episodes of his Raindance and Miami Web Fest nominated series 'Cynic' alongside his new stand up show 'I am Not Sting'.
Marvel as ol' Mr. Cynical himself breaks down barriers with all the charm and grace of a house brick with a message tied to it.



Beauty of Geometry
Tairi Jõe
The Roath Park Pub, 170 City Rd, CF24 3JE
Fri 16, 8 - 8.30pm & 8.30 - 9pm

Beauty of Geometry is a physical performance in which the performer looks at the topic of self-hate. The performance is based on scientific reasons, rather than emotions - what changes in one’s brain to cause self-loathing. The performer has been inspired by stories from different people, her life and scientific articles


Stephen Donnelly

Over a drink, a secret location, Roath, 
Limited capacity, please email stepdonn@gmail.com to reserve a free spot.

Sat 17, 12 pm, 1pm & 2pm

1. the only human organ capable of regeneration
2. a site responsible for the regulation of highly specialised, high volume biochemical reactions
3. an intimate theatrical experience exploring a vital human and social organ


The Umbrella
Ingrid Lagouanelle
Mirela Caravan, Plasnewydd Road, CF24 3EN
Sat 17, 6pm- 6.20pm & 7pm - 7.20pm

I was once fearless. I had a magical umbrella. I am now at a loss without it. Come and help me find it. And we might also find one for you on the way...


The Mirela Caravan
Rachel Helena Walsh & Alternative Events
ROADBLOCK, Plasnewydd Road, CF24 3EN
Sat 17, 11am - 4pm

Step inside the wonderous Mirela Caravan where glitter, ceidhlis and Irish charm lay in abundance!




Worse Things Happen
Catriona James
12 Inverness Place, CF24 4RZ
Sun 18, 6 - 6.30pm & 7.30 - 8pm

Catriona is struggling. Struggling to pay the bills, struggling with depression, struggling with a fear of failure, struggling to make sense of the world, and most of all struggling to make a show about it. Make yourself comfortable while she struggles to make this entertaining.
(Limited Capacity)

Hope to see you there,



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Comment by Rachel-Helena Walsh on October 10, 2015 at 11:26

Worse Things Happen

Catriona James

Comment by Rachel-Helena Walsh on October 10, 2015 at 11:25


Ingrid Lagouanelle

Comment by Rachel-Helena Walsh on October 10, 2015 at 11:24

The Mirela Caravan

Rachel Helena Walsh & Alternative Events

Comment by Rachel-Helena Walsh on October 10, 2015 at 11:23


Stephen Donnelly

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