Matt and Mathilde in Holland with Peergroup

Mathilde-10pm local time

I am in Groningen in a hostel after a very nice evening with Sjoerd where we went to see a festival opening night that got cancelled because of a storm (well actually two storms unluckily meeting above Groningen) and finally ended up in a Greek restaurant with disappointed festival-goers friends.
We talked about many things through out the evening while the lighting and torrential rain raged outside.
Sjoerd, prompted by my questions gave me different Peergroup's show examples in response to place/people and their stories and they all struck me by their pertinence and clarity.
I won’t go into details as I would probably partly invent(my memory is not good with facts and tends to follow and develop what it likes) but they were simple, symbolic, multi layered stories, performed by their owners and without any concession to the artistic quality.
This is the direct result of the company high capacity to analogically and structurally listen to people, and also their trust into people’s capacity of magic, imagery and poetic.
It left me thoughtful, hopeful and also slightly fearful of what's coming tomorrow, not the fear of failure but the fear of discovery.

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