Hi NTW friends!
I wanted to share some of my experiences with you as an artist and how WalesLab and taking part in Summercamp helped me get to what I'm up to today. 
I was part of Summercamp 2013 where I met many lovely people and had to joy experience working with Simon Coates and Matt Ball. 
When I was there I was fresh our of university and was brimming with ideas, projects and had dipped my fingers into so many pies having wanted to get the most out of university. 
The sheer process of being in the same space as so many other artists made so much more of an impact on me that the work I developed that week. I learn so much from everyone the whole time but in particular these three moments are significant to now. Sarah Leigh sat me down and demanded a 5 year plan. Kelly Jones gave me amazing writing tips and Matt Ball in my 121 gave me focus. In fact, it was his advice to yes keep options open but 
The scene: A supermarket shopping for Peppers and Quinoa for 20 people
Matt: OK so tell me about you. 
Joanne: So I've just written my first play- I've always loved acting-I directed a show once which I loved and I studied some theatre marketing and management which was really good...
Matt Ok that's great. It's good to keep your skills up and have many hats. But when you meet someone you need to be able to say, 'Hello, I'm Joanne and I'm a...
Joanne: I see
I chose actor. So I moved to London, trained at East 15 and now almost 4 years on. That conversation with Sarah is more relevant. When she said what's your 5 year plan I said I wanted theatre company. So here I am today presenting to you all www.emberflytheatre.com that I am co-founder of, writing our first play Heroines and launching our first scratch event. Which is where you come in! We are looking for emerging artists to collaborate with in London for our first scratch event and we are also crowdfunding to pay our actors for our first full production as ticket sales alone really will not cut it. 
Donate to our Kickstarter here..
So once again a huge thanks to WalesLab for their support and the significant impact on my life one little summercamp can have. 
Big love and thanks to all! 
Joanne X

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