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My name is Kathryn Parker and I am the first Live Events apprentice at National Theatre Wales. I started my one year placement here at the end of October, and will be working with different departments throughout the year.  This will allow me to gain a wide understanding about the process of live events, and gain some valuable experience that I wouldn’t get in college or university.


I’m currently 19 and live in Cardiff. I love how accessible it is here - most things are at my doorstep. Growing up, I took an interest in many artistic things, from dancing to fashion designing, and participated in Sherman Youth Theatre throughout my high school years. I also took a sporting interest and joined my school’s women’s rugby team, and learnt trampolining for 4 years.


Despite having many interests growing up, I never found a true passion for any, until I discovered professional wrestling. It was a perfect mix of all the things I loved about sports and performing. I have loved every second of my time with wrestling, despite having multiple injuries from a broken eye socket to dislocating my shoulder twice and having two major surgeries. Wrestling is something I can safely say I am passionate about.


To start off at NTW, I’ve met with every department, and found out each person’s role, and its importance within the structure of the company. A question that I have been asked a lot is; what do you want to gain from your time with the company? Personally, I didn’t want to go to university and commit three years of my life on something I think I might enjoy, and have to pay off a big debt for a degree I might never use. Believe it or not, I feel much more comfortable diving straight into the deep end, and gaining first hand work experience. I feel very lucky that I get to do that with a respectable and diverse company. I want to gain experience and knowledge of all parts of the company, so that I can finish my year with more of an idea of what I’d like to pursue a career in or possibly what I definitely wouldn’t like to pursue.


I have very much enjoyed my first month here at NTW and can’t wait to start working on different projects and productions. The office here is very open and informal, there is a good work ethic and standard of professionalism carried by the staff here. Alongside my college work, I have been completing various administration tasks, as well as attending lots of meetings with staff and external parties. Although I have taken in a lot of information (which I am still processing) in my first few weeks here, I believe that I am going to enjoy every minute of my time here.


I hope to thread my passions outside of work into my career, and I am very excited to be working with NTW, who have achieved some incredible things and have such a diverse approach to their work. I hope to become a valued asset to the team, even if for only a short time on my placement and hope to work with them in some way after finishing my apprenticeship.


I hope to produce monthly blogs about my experiences here at NTW and would like to thank everyone I have met at the office for being so welcoming and supportive of me joining the team, and Fiona Curtis for giving me this priceless opportunity.

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