Only just catching breath after a very, very enjoyable residency in old Rhayader town with John, Gavin, Simon and a posse of new Dutch friends from Peer Group.

Spent one afternoon on a 'diversion' up a hill with with Bud Jones (theatre designer) and Gwynfor (the local hedge-layer). I think we laid about 5 metres of hedge between us although Gwynfor had probably done about 25 on his own before Bud and I arrived to slow his progress. Hugely enjoyable none the less.

Dirk (from Friesland) made a wonderful connection with some local guys who were big into fly fishing and took him under their wing for a few days. He was hugely inspired to create a lovely little piece of theatre about his late grandfather and the time they spent fishing when Dirk was a little un. Brought a wee tear to my eye!

Clare Parry Jones made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Nice lady, top clown!  She was also the only one of us (I think!) who received a marriage proposal from a local. Well done for that too, Clare.

I wasn't far from home at all and it was terrific to have our National theatre in the neighbourhood. Peer Group are an exciting, vibrant, mould-breaking company who are doing what everyone in Holland said couldn't be done and making the metro elites rethink where good theatre has to take place. Thank you Sjoord, Flores and Weike for your patience, your art and your inspiration.

We also found time to play pooh sticks, bingo, wine tasting (repeatedly), composting, community singing, speed dating, karaoke, cartography for beginners, and numerous other activities too numerous to recount. Thanks, NTW for making it happen and thanks to me fellow artists and new friends (7 welshies and 2 dutch). 

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