Producers’ Place #4: Meet The Producers: October 11th

First, it was going to be a conference, but that sounded a bit grand. So we thought it should be just a mini one. Not teeny. But definitely mini.

Then someone said it could be a hack day, but nobody else knew what that was. They were one of those cutting edge digital producers and – let’s face it – nobody knows what they get up to.

So someone else said, “What about a Producers’ Garage?” There was a pause. Then someone said, “Is that really a thing?” And they replied, “Well, no. But it’s like - bring your old banger, let us check your oil, fix your engine, while you have a look around the showroom, and maybe get a new model.” There was another pause. “It’s a metaphor.”

Then the sensible one said, “Maybe we should just call it Meet The Producers.” “Why?” “Because it would be a chance to… erm... meet producers.”

“Okay, but shouldn’t it just be Meet Producers then? With no The?”

“Meet Producers. Doesn’t that sound a bit…you know...?” “What?” “Well, hearing it, you’d think it was for a butcher’s.” Silence. “I mean, doesn’t context matter in anything, anymore?” Someone said a little too desperately.  

“Yep. Meet The Producers, it is then.”  

 A lot of work goes into our meetings. And this is the result.

Our next Producers’ Place is a whole day event on Saturday October 11th at Chapter. It doesn’t matter whether you are a producer or an artist looking for solutions or in the early stages of establishing your company. 

1100 hrs:              Meet The Producers: Forum Sessions

Come along to our sessions where members of our steering group will share, chat, moan, rant, discuss and problem solve with you. You can get great advice, ask basic questions or have wider discussions on subjects as varied as Booking a Tour, The Artist and The Producer and Going to Edinburgh.

1245 hrs               Lunch

1330 hrs:              Meet The Producers: Platform Discussion

A panel of producers (including Sian Thomas and Sarah Jane Leigh) working at different levels and with different perspectives on theatre in Wales talk about what they do and what they see as the opportunities and challenges.

1530 hrs:              Meet The Producers: Talk and Q&A

An inspiring presentation from Fiona Baxter who is the Producer of Caravan and Deputy Director at Farnham Maltings. Fiona works with artists such as Little Bulb, Analogue, Inspector Sands and Victoria Melody.  

Producers’ Place is a new network for producers in Wales. The network aims to strengthen links between people who self-identify as producers in the arts (whether they have that job title or not) – to foster dialogue, share ideas and offer practical support to participants.


First Space


Market Road




This event has been made possible through support from Arts Council Wales.

This is a free but ticketed event. Please book here to attend:

Refreshments and food will be available. We look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,

Simon Harris (Lucid)

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