Protesting, puns and paranormal performances.

What a brilliant day rehearsing! I feel incredibly excited to start again tomorrow with a full run having learnt so much today. 

"be Bold"

"Naturalistic???... naaaaaah"

"more tank moments"

It's amazing what these three short sentences from our brilliant director, Catherine Paskell, did for the piece today. Simple sentences which I'll take into everything I do in theatre! My body is aching, in a good way, after just a few scenes we worked on. It's incredible how the piece came to life for us and those watching just by being unafraid of trying something new because "our character simply wouldn't do that" HOW DO YOU KNOW UNTIL YOU'VE TRIED??? If it doesn't work, you may be told it doesn't work and so you'll have to change it - that is worst case scenario. If it works, you feel alive and it opens new avenues for each scene. I know many of you will go, yes that's common sense but you have to ask yourself have you really, honestly, truly tried something completely new?

You're probably wondering what "more tank moments" means, yes? I won't explain the scenario as I'll give away some interesting scenes when you come to watch 13 @ Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff from the 22nd - 26th July... I had to do it. Anyway... The moment stemmed from a single banging noise in a scene, now instead of reacting to a bang, I reacted to it in a way which I imagined that bang was an army tank clashing into our room, it's relevant to the situation I promise, but it was a BIG choice and not naturalistic but remember "Naturalistic...naaaaaah". Now, not only did we stop as the person to cause the banging noise thought someone was hurt but it raised the stakes massively in that moment when we did the scene again and consequently the following scenes had more energy and uuuuumph to them. Just to clarify, this does not in anyway mean we were emoting or overreacting!!! We were simply making Bolder choices in a reaction/response to the relevant action made by the other person.

Lots to think about ready for tomorrows rehearsal!

6 DAYS UNTIL OPENING NIGHT - the countdown begins...

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