Putting your 'work' where your mouth is: Appeal for support to Freedom Theatre and Palestine.

It appears the situation is not getting any better. I fear that the international respond to the killing of Juliano Mer-Khamis has alerted Israeli forces of the Freedom Theatre 'connections' with outside political powers through 'acting' forces. As a result the army must have been instructed to do their upmost to try to silent its voice and kill their work with Jenin youths. Theatre has the power to bring the conflict again to the front page. This power should be put to action by waking up people's attention to these issues and demanding key political actions. Politicians only act if and when the general public/voters become conscientious about an issue and start following it and looking for their politicians and public figures statements of disapproval and possible actions.

Last year, inspired by Human rights activist and writer Jen Marlowe's call to Action, I organized a reading of her latest script in connection with the killing of a friend at the start of the 2nd Intifada. She did not foresee the killing of another of her friends and colleague, that of Juliano Mer-Khamis, less the latest abuses to the Freedom Theater by the Israeli forces (which project initiated by Arna Mer-Khamis they’ve already destroyed in 2002 but later resuscitated even stronger by her son.) It appears that once more Jenin’s voice wants to be silenced and its youth killed either by the gun or the destruction of their souls. I cannot but wonder if a letter of support is enough when we do have the power of a free voice and can do a great deal to help raise the issue.

In response to this year’s killings and attacks to the Freedom Theatre, I am determine to fully develop, produce, direct and tour a new and fitting version of Jen’s play. I believe it necessary to put our ‘work where our mouth is’. And from here I would like to extend jen’s call for theatrical action to all able to ‘act’ to do so, within their artistic field, to make sure that the general public knows about the Palestinian cry and the Freedom Theatre project so that their voice and precious work continue.
In view of the latest UK riots brought about by disaffected youths with no hope of a future, the work of the Freedom Theatre it is a clear lesson and guide on how the arts can help youths to create alternative realities and restore hope and laughter. Britain is a country that loves raising moneys for almost any imaginable cause. Here I don’t ask for small coins but for big riches: that of our creative work.

Please give generously and create soon to help restore hope. Dont stop talking about it or it would fall into oblivion.

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