Thoughts on My Body Welsh by Tara Robinson and Steffan Donnelly

       Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by Rachel Rosen, a member of the National Theatre Wales team, to watch My Body Welsh at Galeri in Caernarfon. The play was written by Tara Robinson and Steffan Donnelly. The Show was performed by Steffan Donnelly. Here was an actor/character who in the first few lines of the play described himself as being tall skinny and Welsh. .He was surrounded by many different kinds of water vessels all filled with water there were also two microphones on stage which were used to create of sound effects.

       From the moment we entered the theatre we, the audience, became involve in the action. Firstly by being offered Smarties and later by being written in as characters during the performance. I, myself, was addressed as the strong bearded lover of Gwen, a girl who Steffan was in the throes of seducing. We were also encouraged to help create an audio background to the performance using the microphones and sounds of water sloshing and splashing .These sounds were looped back to us throughout the performance.

       The plot, about a skeleton found in a well in the middle of Anglesey was beautifully blended with local legends. I particularly enjoyed the one about the greedy giant who, while trying to claim that he owned everything, eventually fell into the sea thereby creating Anglesey with the only part of his body still protruding namely his buttocks.

       I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and found the play extremely charming, inclusive as well as informative. I look forward to seeing other works by this extremely imaginative company.

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