My first play!

It's based around the story of Yerma, a play by Frederico Garcia Lorca and is about a young woman called Yerma (in Spanish the name means Barren) who cannot conceive a child. Her incapabilities are subject to idle gossip in her community and she is ostracised due to her lack of womanhood. The play also circulates around the cuts made by the Welsh Government in 2010-2012 to IVF treatment clinics, results in many couple having to fork out huge amounts of money going privately, or crossing the boarder into England.

Two spoons is about a couple struggling to have a baby due to one or both of them being infertile (at the moment I'm more drawn to the man being infertile than the woman) who have tried IVf and it has come back negative. The play focuses on the relationship between the couple struggling with infertility, rather than infertility as the main theme. The piece uses physicality as it's main tool for communication, as the script is post-dramatic and uses fragmented and minimal language to present the confused and distressed feelings the characters feel under the pressure of infertility.

It has had it's first public showing at The Forge, Chapter Art Centre, on Thursday 17th January 2013 - and received interesting reviews and feedback, which we have taken on board.

We have recently had our first collaborators meeting with a couple of writers and other interested people - about our trip up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was very insightful, and it came up some very interesting and exciting ideas!

We should be starting rehearsal in the next week or so. Starting with some improvisation and devising around current ideas and script segments. 

Can't wait to see what comes out of this project!

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