University Education on the Verge of Isolation

There was a time in history that if you happened to be studying in the university, you were a one step forward in achieving a fruitful career and living a good life in the process. But over the years, this narrative has, and many young people find it difficult to face up their university education. Most young men and women find joining the university as not a viable option in deciding their future.

University education has become pointless in any sense and a raw deal according to many has been argued that for those people who are ambitious enough with their life should not even entertain the idea of joining the university. But with all that said, the question remains, why is studying in the university, not a good idea especially in the 21st century?

It should be noted that different people have various reason for shunning university education but what’s evident in most of these reasons is that they are all preceded with regrets of either joining the higher learning institution or of getting nothing out of it.

Here are some of the reasons as to why studying in the university is not a decent idea;

Poor value of degrees

This is one if the primary concern as to why the young generation thinks the idea of joining the university is a wastage of time. The worth of the undergraduate degrees offered in most institutions of higher learning is a menace in securing the future of the young people. Firstly, some of these degrees offered in our universities do not reflect the stature and tuition fees associated with them. Secondly, the moment you land in the job market with such degrees that have an empty value, it becomes difficult to land a decent and well-paying job.

Such occurrences may make you curse the reasons as to why you wasted all the four years in the university only to be frustrated after all. Situations like those in most cases usually find a graduate doing what he or she did not study or train for.


Individuals strive to join the university to become better people in the society but are those assertion real or just a fallacy that most young people console themselves with. It is accurate and proven that most successful people in the world ventured into what they loved. This is to say that joining the university may limit your chances of maximizing or realizing your potential in a particular hobby or talent that you have.

For instance, Morris, 28 studied political science for a year and a half before deciding to leave the University of California to venture on computer science which he claims he studied on his own. Now a software engineer in a renowned company in California, Morris argues that “the first course that I ventured in did not sit well with me. I felt that this was not my calling and I had to leave,” he said.

Extension of the adolescence stage

The university education in many occasions provides the room for the young people to stretch their adolescence stage than the standard recommended period. For this reason, therefore, the university ends up producing a group of students who are not smart and still thinks like young kids. To make it worse such graduates usually think they know best but in a real sense they are generally clueless, unskilled and naïve and does not even have an idea of what is required of them. This leaves you wondering, what they have been doing for the last four year in the university.


Try to imagine what you would achieve in four years as a self-employed worker. Four years is a stretched period that could be helpful in expanding your business or venturing to any other productive endeavor. Ann, 37, who instead of joining the university opted to venture into vending ice cream business in Denver. Now she has her own company and owns a fleet of ice cream trucks. She claims that “after completing my high school I parents could not raise enough money to support my university education. I worked for a coffee shop in the neighborhood to support myself financially.”

 Ann further reiterates that she used to envy her friend who was in the university, “I was usually envious of my close friend who went to the university.” But through her sheer hard work and savings, she managed to open an ice cream shop, and that was her breakthrough. She asserts that “it is my ambitions that kept me going and I never lost sight of what I wanted to achieve.” And on the question of whether she regrets of never joining the university, she explains that “am contented on who and what I am in fact am better than most of my friends who went to the university as they do not have well-paying jobs.”

Production of “half-baked” graduates

Not all those people that join the institution of high learning come out to face the job market with the skills they are endowed with. Some programs are offered in the university that only encourage laziness.

In this era where emerging trends have revolutionized learning, students in the university due to their high level of laziness, usually engage the essay writing services on the internet for their assignment writing. This, in turn, leads to the production of students who are even more imprudent than they were when joining the university.

Debt incursion

Most students after the completion of their degree program, usually find themselves immersed in debt that they will probably repay for the rest of their life. This is because such loans accrue interest after the grace period and in case you are not employed by that time, you are probably facing bankruptcy.  For instance, James, 29, a mechanic in Pennsylvania claims that his older brother Mark was frustrated with the loan repayment after completing his university education that he vowed never to join the university. He says, “after mark completed his education the lenders came for the reimbursement of their loan, the bank did not care he was still unemployed that it even auctioned some of his stuff to recover their loan.”

James who after seeing this opted for mechanic apprenticeship for him to be competent in that field, says that “it was that day that I shunned joining the university.”         


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