Everything Communicates .... this is a recent blog post I wrote in follow-up to a talk by Peter Economedies about 'Rebranding Greece'. His talk poses some very interesting insights about the impact of digital media on our understanding of a brand, the branding process, and how organisations - be it public or private enterprise, small, medium or large, respect the role of community - people and their social networks - in the branding process.

Brands emerge over time, through interaction, from community. :-) A brand is more than a logo or creative visual image. His example of 'google search' is pure example of this. The digital creative - those that get the socio-digital space, that live and work in it, offer organisations incredible insight into the 'lived multiple identities' of a brand.     




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The Conversation Economy ... It is not about marketing - it is about conversation. It has always been about conversation. You don't manage a community, you participate in it! Marketers think it is about marketing and curation, and forget the importance of 'real, authentic participation'. Another great piece by Peter Economedies about how 'everything has changed and nothing has changed' with and through social media. In this he talks about how great brands have always understood this ... his twitter is: @petereconomides ... Most certainly I'd recommend following him! 



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