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So after four hectic, exciting and at times tense democratic Assembly projects, we have decided to up the anti and create our first ever SuperAssembly.  We want to create an event which will culminate in a conversation with national and international resonance.     

SuperAssembly Video

The Assembly in its second year, became a series of bespoke, democratically-elected events which took in four areas of Wales (north, south, west and mid). Proposals for Assembles were invited from all communities and groups who had a local issue they wanted to explore, with the winning proposals chosen through online voting by the general public. Examples of themes in recent Assemblies include the use of a local park, the proposed opening of a new supermarket, and cuts to local NHS mental health provision.  


As the company prepares to launch its third year of work, it is inviting proposals for the first ever national SuperAssembly. Applications from companies, individuals, organisations, charities, campaigns, or anyone with an idea for a one-off Assembly they’d like to create, anywhere in Wales, are invited by Monday 29th October 2012. Proposals must be relevant to the applicants’ local community, but could have a national, or international, resonance.

So if you have an idea please get in touch.

07545- 915-185 

Please check out previous Assembly projects:

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A shortlist will be chosen and voting will open at the end of the month, with the winning bid announced in mid-November.

  • abdul shayek

    Apologies for confusion - the deadline is the 29th October 2012.