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Kiwi Knights on Normandie TV

Here is the link to The Kiwi Knights appearance on Normandie TV news 29-09-10.

It starts at around 14.00minutes in.…


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Kiwi Knights : Holland

"Racist!" she screams " you're a racist!"

I had just woken up into the hazey night at Antwerp, my eyes were

glazed and my mind was still very much vacant from the effects of some

of Amsterdams more notorious tourist attractions.

The surroundings were alien to me, and the coach we had decided to return to Cardiff on had become skewered across the main road.

The scene seemed obscured with much thanks to the constant screams of abuse… Continue

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The Route of The Kiwi Knights

Hey everyone this is a rough guide of the route we will be taking, starting 21st june, it's done on Google Maps so isn't going to be exact but it does give you a rough estimate, plus shows all the major towns and cities we will be travelling through and how long it's going to take.


London - Portsmouth 74 miles


St Malo - Dinan 18 miles

Dinan - Mont St Michael 33 miles

Mont St…

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"The Kiwi Knights"

From the shores of Britain to the central reaches of Asia Minor, an ancient path covering more than 3000 miles has lain dormant for over 800 years. Not since the last crusade of 13th century has anyone undertaken to traverse its entire lengh on foot, as Europe staggered through the dark ages, and from plague to famine to war.

Now after 65 years of European peace, it is time for this path to be walked again. There is a chance now to stretch out the…

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