Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 7)

Today was a strange day. It began as usual, with our show at half 12 as it is every day. It ended rather unusually, with a ghost tour through a graveyard and we've only just got in.
The show went fairly well and we had a great audience today, all giving us some good feedback and plenty of compliments as we left the studio - I'm hoping they'll spread the word and maybe we'll pull in some extra audience members through word of mouth. Fingers crossed.

After the show we decided to flyer, catch a freebie performance and then embark on the 'City of the Dead' ghost tour. The flyering went well, the freebie show was ok (I'm thankful it WAS a freebie) and the ghost tour was truly spine tingling. I managed to scream a total of four times, to the utter amusement and titillation of my fellow company members. I seemed to be the one who was absolutely sucked in to the stories, atmosphere and believed everything the guide was telling me. You'd think that after working both on and behind the stage for a large part of my life, I'd be somewhat less surprised at the carefully planned shocks and techniques - but no, I remain as gullible as I always have been. Yey. So now I'm not only making sure that I'm sleeping with the lights on, but I'll also be bunking with not one, but TWO others for the night......just in case.

However scary I found the tour, there was one thing that I realised as I was walking around the city and that was how much of it I still have to explore. It's huge, the history is fascinating and I'm definitely going to have to visit again in order to properly sight-see. I uncovered some more little short-cuts and quicker routes and even came across venues that are hidden in some weird and wonderful places. So my rule for today is:

RULE NUMBER 7: Spend some time getting to know Edinburgh, the quicker you find your way around, the easier and more enjoyable your time here will be (also, in a city that seems to have more tourists in it than locals at present, you get asked directions an awful lot!).

Time for bed. And if I have any nightmares about these bloody ghosts - I'm sure it'll make for an interesting read at least. Nos da.

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