Bandwagon Theatre: Our Edinburgh Fringe (Day 9)

Another show, another day gone in the blink of an eye.

We've literally just realised that we've been living in near luxury for the past 9 days. The 7 of us have been sharing a modern, clean, fully functioning apartment and we've even had our own beds. Amazingly, we hadn't been aware of just how fortunate we are to be in such a comfortable residence. We just had a rather long conversation with another company who are at our venue, and they asked us whether we felt the same way as they did; like they'd been here forever and longing to get back to home comforts. To which we all looked surprised, because we had a shower and a toilet between 7 of us, a working kitchen and we've had no major arguments or disagreements. Seemingly, this isn't the case across the board here in Edinburgh. The other company are sharing one bathroom between 24 people (one shower, one toilet) and have been living in close proximity for long enough that they're all beginning to crack. To top it off, it didn't exactly come across that they'd known much about their digs before they got here. This highlighted a very important rule for me today:

RULE NUMBER 9: Sort out your accommodation nice and early, so even if it isn't the best - you'll know what you're in for and be able to handle it.

So we've had a couple of reviews now, all of which describe our little story fairly well. With only two performances left, I can't help feeling like we're only just really getting a real reaction. A note to myself (and to the company), we'll probably want to be here for a longer run next time. I've learnt so much from being here and it's spurring me on even more to continue with pursuing a career within theatre and the arts. In my opinion, taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival gives you some priceless life and career experience and I'd recommend it to those who truly have the drive and passion.

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