Day 70 - Sleeping most of the Day... I wish!! - My Room, Aberystwyth

We didn't get back from Cardiff until 4am and I had to get up and move the car at 10am so didn't get quite as much of a lie in as I might have liked.

I took Poppy to a clay modelling class at the arts centre and then sat in a corner and read Hegel. We then made flapjacks with banana in them.

The basic ingredients



flapjack tray

Brown Sugar












Golden Syrup

2 tablespoons

1. Over a low heat melt the butter and the Margarine in a deep saucepan
2. add the sugar and 2 tablespoons of golden syrup and stir well
3. Mix in the oats. You may find it easier add them in gradually stirring and covering the oats with the paste
4. add a pinch of salt and continue to stir
5. Mash up the banana and stir in. This may take a bit of time to make sure the banana completely covers the mixture
6. spread the mixture evenly over a non stick baking tray. Smooth over with a knife making sure the mixture is even
7. Place the baking tray onto the middle shelf in a preheated oven (gas mark 5, 220 C) and bake for 15 minutes, checking the progress regularly. Take out when the mixture starts turning a golden brown.
8. Stand for a minute or two, then score the mixture with a knife into you portions
9. Cover the tray with something light such as a few pieces of kitchen roll and leave for a couple of hours

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